Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for this to be really sudden but due to some conflicting circumstances and with the desire to refurnish the blog and everything else with it, I feel this is the best for now.

Occasionally at times if I do post otome, if it's not here, I'd most likely be in Sanity is Priceless

You can still access my archives, my fanfics page and the V-inc text/sms page but that's about it for now.

If you like, you can still send me a message. =] I'd try to respond as soon as I can, when I can.

I'll be back but I'm not sure when and how soon. I want to thank you all dearly for the wonderful times and for following me. Some who have stayed, some who left and some who keep leaving and returning; nevertheless you're all kept treasured and appreciated by me.

Thank you again.